Shipping Policies

When the order is received by the host it will be sorted and packed.

Once your order is packed, you will receive a shipping invoice. Once your invoice is paid, your order will be sent out and your tracking number will be input into the spreadsheet. Tracking numbers WILL NOT be uploaded to PayPal. You will also receive an email with tracking information from

I will ONLY ship to the address that imports from PayPal. It is your responsibility to pay attention to which address is selected when paying your shipping invoices.

If you select the incorrect address and your label is then incorrectly printed, you will be expected to pay for a new label while a refund is processing for the incorrect label. USPS can take up to 21 days to refund unused labels. Once the label is refunded, you would then be refunded.

If your package gets returned to the host due, you are responsible for paying for shipping again to have it resent.

You must pay your shipping invoice within 30 days. After 1 week, a $2 late fee will be applied. After 2 weeks, a $4 holding fee will be applied. Failure to pay after 30 days will forfeit your order to the host. You WILL NOT receive a refund and the host is free to do what she pleases with your order.

We will ship using the cheapest method possible UNLESS you specify otherwise. Orders over $100 will have insurance added. It’s 1.03 per $100 of coverage.

There will be ZERO combining shipping between different orders.


Packages will only go out on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.