Paying for Facebook Orders

After the buy closes, you will be sent an invoice for the total amount due for your order. This amount will NOT be a surprise, since it’s calculated and available for you on the spreadsheet and will reflect all changes you make throughout the buy.

Your invoice will be sent via PayPal and will arrive in your email inbox of the email you provide on the Spreadsheet. The invoicing method will be outlined on each buy.

You will pay your invoice using PayPal or a debit/credit/prepaid card of your choice. I do not have any access to this information.

You do not need a PayPal account to pay an invoice, just a valid email address so that invoices can be sent to you.

The “Total Due” row in the spreadsheets will have any and all fees calculated. These will not be a surprise.

In the event you don’t receive an invoice, it’s probably because you incorrectly entered your email address (we copy&paste from the SS to PayPal when invoicing). If this happens, it is your responsibility to tag an admin for an invoice link. If you do not receive a response from an admin before the time that an invoice is due, you can send payment via goods/services on PayPal to the host’s email address. You MUST notify an admin BEFORE doing this.
Amanda’s Email is:

You must include you name and the buy name in the notes. YOU MUST MESSAGE THE HOST IF YOU DO THIS. If we don’t know to look for a stray payment, we may miss it.