Misc. Terms

1. STH – Shipping to Host. The amount it costs to import or receive the product. This is either divided evenly or included in the price per diaper. The buy document will specify the case for that particular buy.

2. Duty Bills – Sometimes, when importing goods from other countries, the co-op will receive a “duty” bill from customs. If this happens, Amber will post a photo of the bill to the group and the total will be divided evenly between all the participants in the buy based on number of items ordered. If you do not pay your portion of a duty bill, should one be received, you will be banned from the group.

3. MOQ – Most buys will have a MOQ. This stands for Minimum Order Quantity. This is a manufacturer specified number and the hosts have no control over it. The MOQ for each buy will vary and will be listed on the buy document that is posted on the group wall and also linked in the pinned post.

4. Sales Tax: All Ohio State Sales are subject to Ohio Sales Tax.

5. We reserve the right to refuse service/membership to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.

6. Sometimes colors/prints go out of stock. If this is the case we do our best to notify you and let you select a replacement. Sometimes, we are unable to and you’ll receive a refund. On rare occasion a supplier may send random replacements without notifying the host. If this happens, you will receive a replacement item.