Facebook Ordering Rules

1. It is expected that you read the ENTIRE document for a buy BEFORE asking questions. Most every question can be answered if you read the document in its entirety before sounding off with a question.

2. You must pay your invoices on time. The buy document for each buy tells you exactly when the buy closes and how long the grace period is for you to pay. This is always 24 hours from the close of the buy. Failure to pay your invoice on time will result in your being banned from the group.
If you have open buys, they will be cancelled.
If you have closed buys, you will be directed to the Sandy Tush “Page” for updates and emailed when shipping invoices are ready to be sent. If the host sees fit, you may be refunded for your pending orders and then banned.

3. All orders will go through the order form. There is no editing of spreadsheets in the group. YOU MUST READ THE DIRECTIONS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE ORDER FORM. Failure to do so will result in you not knowing how to edit your order. If you place an order and then ask how to edit it, I will know that you did not read the directions and I will just drop your order. Again, no nonsense in this group.

Do your part and read the directions, and we’ll do our part to bring you great deals and fast shipping.

4.You MUST check your row of the spreadsheet BEFORE the buy closes. Buys close at 8PM EST.

  • If a host has to re-invoice you because your email address is incorrect on the spreadsheet, you will be charged a $2 inconvenience fee. If you pay late, you will be charged a $2 Late Fee.
  • The average buy has over 70 invoices that need to be sent out. Be courteous to the host and just make sure it’s correct, it’s not that hard. If you do not receive an invoice, you can send payment via goods/services on PayPal to the host’s email address. You MUST notify an admin BEFORE doing this.
  • Amanda’s Email is sandytushclothbuys@gmail.com

5. Absolutely no bashing or blocking the host or admins.