About Spreadsheets

Every buy will have a spreadsheet where data from the order from is automatically populated.

We created an order form for your convenience, please take advantage of that. It’s VERY easy to use, even on mobile.

All the information you input on the order form is automatically populated into the spreadsheet. Your totals will also populate automatically and update automatically if you update or change your order.

To cancel an order, you need to zero out your selections on the order form. If you do it correctly, your row on the spreadsheet will show a $0 balance.

When the buy closes, I will lock the spreadsheet and close the order form so no changes can be made. You can still view the spreadsheet at any time. You will have 1 hour to verify that your order is correct after the buy closes. If you do not indicate an error, you confirm that your order is correct.

Admins will go through once a day and review orders on the spreadsheet. If she finds that you have not completed the membership directory, your order will be deleted without warning.

If you are mobile, you need to download GOOGLE SHEETS from your respective app store to view the SS. If you do not, and you use your browser to view it from your phone, I will warn you now, it will show incorrect information. We don’t know why this happens, just that it does.

If you aren’t using google sheets to view the SS on mobile, and you complain to us that your order is wrong, an admin will remove your order and you from the group, since it’s apparent that you didn’t read this like you should have.

All we ask is that you do your part and read the directions! 🙂

Each Spreadsheet will have the close date & invoice due date in the top left corner (highlighted green below)

Each Spreadsheet will have a timestamp column. (Highlighted in green below)

Buyer Information will appear under the Red Columns

Your selections will appear in your row in the specified columns.

When the time comes, shipping totals will also be added to the spreadsheet.